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Drysdale Tree Farms has been a pioneer in Christmas tree plantations and harvest techniques since 1945, and constantly upgrading our farms production needs producing healthy product as a leader in our industry.

Christmas tree plantations are environmentally sound and benefits are far reaching beyond in the farming community. Christmas trees are lined out in fields as seedlings and are left to mature to 10 year old plants when harvest begins. In that time those plants are providing a nature habitat for wildlife, helping with soil retention, and each acre of Christmas trees provides oxygen for 18 people, constantly cleaning and renewing the air we breath. At Drysdale, we are ever conscious of the needs of the environment and the impact on the eco system. Planting species that are as insect and disease tolerate as possible, and zoned for our growing conditions, thus reducing and eliminating the needs for chemical enhancement and irrigation.

Harvest of either Christmas trees or landscape trees, both providing renewable resources. Landscape trees are planted commercially or residentially providing benefits greater than just esthetically pleasing, helping our environment today and long after our lifetime has ended, providing the positive impact and enjoyment of trees for future generations.

Christmas trees provide many obvious benefits while growing in the plantation, then enhancing your home and holidays for up to 16 weeks, and continuing on after their yuletide service is complete. Christmas trees can be placed in the yard providing sanctuary and feeding stations for birds. Christmas trees can be used to shelter tender shrubs and plants during winter's harshest times, and then mulched into the garden or onto pathways.

Christmas trees, always a reusable resource.